Imperfect Bottiful Home Products being Sold by Third Parties

November 30, 2018

It has recently come to our attention that some rejected Bottiful Home products have made it into hands of third parties that are now selling those products online for their own benefit, without consent and with no concern for Bottiful Home customers who expect attractive and functional products. Those third parties are selling our products as new products in perfect condition, which they are not.

These particular products are ones that Bottiful Home commissioned, paid for, and imported to the U.S. for selling. They have our name and logo all over them and the respective packaging. They will appear to be authentic Bottiful Home products because they are our products. However, once we received this particular shipment of goods, we rejected them because they did not meet the high quality standards you have come to expect from Bottiful Home products. Once rejected, Bottiful Home paid to have the products destroyed so they could not be sold.

Unfortunately, our instructions were not carried out and instead, the products were sold to third parties at a steep discount. Those third parties are now selling those products online under the Bottiful Home brand and in Bottiful Home packaging.

Please understand that you do not want to purchase these products if you want perfect condition and well-functioning bottles. Here is how you can protect yourself:

Always check the name of the seller who is selling the product. If the seller isn’t listed as Bottiful Home, then you’re not purchasing from us and we cannot guarantee the pricing or condition of the product. We do not authorize any third parties to sell our products and will notify you publicly if we ever change that policy.

Also, as of the date of this press release, we do not sell on Ebay or any other online discounter. We only sell through Amazon, our own website (, and our Facebook page (@BottifulHome). So if you purchase a Bottiful Home product from anyone except us, you’re essentially paying too much or getting a faulty product that we rejected. Please be sure to buy your Bottiful Home products only from Bottiful Home so we can ensure you receive the best quality product for the most favorable market price.

We take full responsibility for partnering with a company that did not have Bottiful Home’s or your best interest at heart. And we have fixed this problem by investing in warehouse space and staff so that we may take physical possession of all our goods once they arrive in the U.S. Further, we’ve employed a top U.S. freight forwarding company that is a multi-generational family run business with high values and many years of expertise in properly importing goods to the U.S. We also manufacture or purchase goods right here in the USA where possible and practical. With these measures, we feel confident there should be no further leaks of imperfect Bottiful Home goods into the marketplace. But be aware that we cannot eliminate the goods that have already made it into the hands of third parties.

We apologize to anyone who may have unknowingly purchased a Bottiful Home product through another seller and either paid too much or received something that wasn’t of the highest quality. We only sell products we can stand behind 100% and we’re committed to continuing that trend in the future.


Laura J. Pallotta

Founder and President

Bottiful Home