• Precision pumps deliver 2 cc of product each time

  • Water proof labels won’t peel or fade

  • Durable pumps reach the bottom of container!!!

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Product Description

ECO-FRIENDLY bottle with pump that is durable for use in wet areas that can be easily filled and maintained. The bottle is PET plastic which delivers SCRATCH-FREE contact with your surfaces and wipes dry to prevent watermarks and stains. Both the bottle and pump are made entirely of plastic parts making it RUST-FREE inside and out. The labels are professionally designed and printed on high quality film made for wet environments. The pump dispenses 2 cc of liquid product and works with even the thickest conditioners and hand soaps. Filling is so easy with the included, specially designed funnel that attaches and detaches from the bottles with a twist. Gone are the ugly bottles that visually distract from the continuity and coordination of your beautiful bath, kitchen and other spaces. Gone are the specialty soaps with oddly shaped bottles, advertisements, and non-matching colors. With these PET plastic bottles, you are able to display your favorite products with a refined look and organized style.

Product Specifications

Dimensions2-7/8 in. diameter x 7-1/4 in. tall (w/ pump fully extended)
Volume 16 oz. (473 ml)
Amount Dispensed2 cc
Plastic TypePET, no BPA, no endocrine disruptors, no plasticizers, no dioxins.
PumpDurable, rust free plastic black pump
Other SpecsAll plastic parts, lightweight, waterproof, impact and fade resistant, fully recyclable