Frequently Asked Questions about Bottiful Home’s Products

What are the bottles made of?

All our bottles are made of PET Plastic, which is food-safe, environmentally friendly (easily-recycled) and contains no toxins or BPA.

Are the labels completely waterproof even with use in the shower?

Our labels are printed on waterproof film that seals in the printing under a protective layer. These labels will not fade, drip, or bleed, even when you touch them every day with wet hands and have water running down them in the shower.

Can the bottles be customized?

At this time, we do not offer customization of our bottle offerings. However, we constantly analyze feedback to determine what new offerings should become available in the future. If you would love to buy a set of bottles that are customized in some way, please contact us to let us know what customization you would be interested in.

Do you offer a bottle for lotion, face wash, body wash, or dish soap?

Currently, our offerings include bottles for shampoo, conditioner and hand soap only. However, we are always designing new products. If you fill out our contact form, you’ll be notified when our new products come out.

Why amber bottles? And will they look good in my specific décor?

The amber bottles were chosen because they are both beautiful and they hide the color of products inside, maintaining the stream-lined look one desires in purchasing our bottles. We believe the amber colored bottles coordinate well in any bathroom or kitchen, whether darker or lighter colors are used in decorating. To assist your decision, we’ve posted some photos on our news page showing the bottles in many different decorating styles. Of course, if you’re not happy with them, we will always provide a refund if you disagree that they look great with your particular décor.

Will you be offering different colored bottles in the future?

We are continuously collecting and considering feedback from our customers to determine what new products to present. There may be different color options available in the future. Feel free to fill out our contact form and we will promptly notify you when new products arrive that you may be interested in.

Where can I buy the product? How much is shipping?

You’ll be excited to know that we use Amazon to fulfill our orders. That means you buy directly from the Amazon product page, and Amazon sends our product directly to your door! The other thing you’ll love about this arrangement is that you get FREE shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member. We believe this fulfillment method allows you to get reliable, consistent service and we’re proud to be able to provide the free shipping because of our relationship with Amazon. Just click on any product on our product page, and you’ll be directed to the relevant buying page on Amazon’s website where you can complete your purchase.