In this video, founder, Laura Pallotta shares her personal experiences and why she decided to build a business providing beautiful and functional refillable bottles.

See if you can relate to her experiences, frustrations and failed attempts to solve the problems.

If you’ve been there, you understand.

Look at our ever-expanding catalog of solutions of beautiful and highly functional shower bottles, kitchen sink bottles and travel bottles. We bet we can help you solve the problems too!

Bottiful Home Means Creativity, Character, and Class

How it started

Bottiful Home is a business born out of innovation, problem-solving and a need for something that didn’t yet exist on the market.

Our founder, Laura Pallotta, wasn’t out to start a business when the solution was conceptualized. She needed to solve a problem and was willing to pay market price to get it.

But the solution could not be found…at least not easily. After months of searching, Googling, and shopping, Laura couldn’t find a single product to solve the problem she was having.

Problem we noticed

There was no bottle on the market that had ALL the characteristics needed for placing shampoo and conditioner in the shower in a way that was both functional AND beautiful. The shower was beautiful. Ceramic tile with glass tile inserts and perfectly clear, semi-frameless shower doors and walls. But those bottles with shampoo and conditioner were so ugly!

Ingredients lists. Gawdy flower designs. Big bold branding. These bottles looked cluttered and detract from the beautiful bathroom decor?!

There were products that solved part of the problem, but never a complete solution that offered beauty, function, consistent delivery of contents without clogging, dripping, or breaking.

Searching for the solution

Laura tried the pretty glass hand soap bottles with metal pumps. The pumps were never very good on those either, but again, these were the offered solutions, so Laura was dealing with it in the hopes that everything else would go well.

It didn’t. The metal pumps would turn green over time, and the glass bottle was so slippery and dangerous once it was wet and soapy.!

Next solution. Laura tried the metal containers that are lightweight and hide the colors.  The problems with these is that, when you can’t see what’s in the bottle. It needed to be labeled. Plus, metal and water just don’t get along, not even with the best metals out there. Rust and discoloration eventually take hold.

All the solutions out there had one problem or another: either you know what’s in the bottle and it looks ugly, or you get something nicer looking that just isn’t meant for wet environments and wet hands.

And the bottom line is that NONE of these bottles and containers offered a good pump! Those pumps shoot product all over the room, get clogged easily, rust, or break easily.

Creating a new solution

Laura researched bottles, labels, pumps, etc and found the perfect bottle with the perfect pump. It was designed to be used with thick lotions so it dispensed perfectly every time! Laura was excited! She was on to something.

But there was one element that still needed to be solved…the labeling. When it comes to products in the shower, a label is absolutely necessary so you don’t get your shampoo mixed up with your conditioner.

But the problem was that typical labels are not designed to get wet. They peel, bleed and eventually look terrible. There was no DIY version that could solve this problem.

It’s all about the label

So Laura went back to researching and found the perfect waterproof label that is designed to be handled with wet hands and placed in wet environments. After almost a year of research, design, testing, and improving just to get the right bottle, the right pump, and the right label, Bottiful Home was born.

We exist to make your life easier and more beautiful

We have since expanded our offerings and now print the designs directly on our bottles so you get long-lasting use and wear out of each purchase.

Bottiful Home was founded on the idea that a problem needed to be solved so you wouldn’t have to spend a year researching the best options or put up with partial solutions.

Laura realized that she wanted to help save others from all the time and investment it took to get the whole product right.

At that time, she didn’t know how many people would be able to relate to these issues, but we’ve since learned that you’re out there. You get it. You love a beautiful shower stall and a cohesive kitchen counter top.

And we’re here to make sure you get that experience every time you make a purchase from Bottiful Home!

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